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[] means "Required", {} means "Optional" and | means "Or".

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Command Permission Description Usage


Ban Moderator/Administrator Bans a mentioned user, with a reason if specified. ban [Mention] {Reason}
Delete Moderator/Administrator Deletes a certain amount of messages. delete | delete [Number]
Kick Moderator/Administrator Kicks a mentioned user, with a reason if specified. kick [Mention] {Reason}
Mute Moderator/Administrator Mutes a mentioned user, with a reason if specified. mute [Mention] {Reason}
Softban Moderator/Administrator Bans a mentioned user, then unbans, with a reason if specified. softban [Mention] {Reason}
Unmute Moderator/Administrator Unmutes a mentioned user, with a reason if specified. unmute [Mention] {Reason}
Warn Moderator/Administrator Gives a warning to a mentioned user, with a reason if specified. warn [Mention] {Reason}


Cute Everyone Displays a random image from r/aww cute
Dog Everyone Displays a random dog image. dog
Meme Everyone Displays a random meme from r/dankmemes meme


8Ball Everyone 8ball a string. 8ball | 8ball [String]
Coin Everyone Flips a coin. coin
Kill Everyone "Kill" a mentioned user. kill [Mention]
Meme Everyone Displays a meme from /r/dankmemes. meme
RPS Everyone Play Rock Paper Scissors with AresBot. rps
Why Everyone Gives a random question. why


Avatar Everyone Displays yours or a mentioned user's avatar. avatar | avatar [Mention]
Changelog Everyone Gives the latest changelog. changelog
Commands Everyone Gives link to website for the commands. commands
Define Everyone Searches UrbanDictionary for a word. define [String]
Help Everyone Gives help information. help
ID Everyone Give your or a mention user's ID. id
Invite Everyone Gives link to invite AresBot. invite
Math Everyone Does math but only when used in a special format math [Math problem]
Ping Everyone Shows the reponse time for the bot. ping
Serverinfo Everyone Gives information about the server. serverinfo
Stats Everyone Gives AresBot's stats. stats
Status Everyone Shows how many members are Online, Idle, DND or Offline. status
Support Everyone Gives link to the Support Server. support
Uptime Everyone Gives Uptime of AresBot. uptime
Userinfo Everyone Gives detailed information about yours or a mentioned user. userinfo | userinfo [Mention]


Set Moderator/Administrator Sets prefix/mod-logs for the server. set prefix [String] | set mod-logs [Channel Mention]